The first seamless residential box for secure package delivery. Stop Package Theft Safe with parcels

A forward-thinking solution to a modern home owner's problem.

Market-leading homebuilders and developers seek out the next "must-have" features in new home construction.

With so much of our economy now driven by online shopping, secure package delivery has become a daily concern.

The MyPackageConcierge is the first product for new residential construction that discretely integrates a secure package delivery locker—without the big ugly box.

A Perfect Value-Add for Builders

Installation is incredibly quick and easy during construction, but this recessed package safe isn't something that can easily be added later by the home owner.

An Ideal Solution for Home Owners

Homeowners don't have to accept a large, unsightly box on their porch or give up garage or porch floor space. The MyPackageConcierge is anchored between studs and extends only slightly through the garage wall. It's also available in eight finishes.

Simple for Delivery Drivers to Use

No keys or memorization required—the carrier accesses the box by reading the code printed on the delivery label. The code can be changed as often as desired.

Great for Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods with fewer porch pirates are less likely to fall victim to other crimes of opportunity—from stolen bikes to stolen mail. Eliminating package theft is great for everyone.

Peace of Mind for Everyone

Florence has been making high-quality, secure mail solutions for over 85 years and makes most of the cluster mailboxes installed for the USPS. Builders and home owners can rest easy knowing they are installing a quality product backed by a warranty and the reputation of an industry-leader.

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An Easy Solution to Package Theft



Keeps packages out of sight and locked up until you can retrieve them.



No keys or apps, no learning curve. Best of all, no missed deliveries or stolen items!



In addition to theft, packages are guarded from wind, rain, direct sun, and snow.

Package Florence

A Win for Home Builders and Buyers

  • Easy Installation: Needs no power and includes its own patent-pending weather shielding to protect the home from a water breach.
  • Easy to Use: Instructions are engraved right onto the box and an override key is included for homeowner convenience.
  • Download Product Specifications (PDF)
  • Download Installation Details (PDF)