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Cannon Sales Inc. supplies and installs all kinds of flagpoles in Utah. You can choose from a large selection of heights, finishes, and styles.


Commercial flag pole

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Picking just the right kind of flag pole can be tricky. That is why we are here to help. When choosing a commercial flagpole you will need to consider things like maintenance, location, lighting, height, shipping, the size of the flag, and wind speed. Most commercial flag poles require professional installation and some may even require a crane.

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Types of Flagpoles

Halyard: You will need to decide whether you want an internal halyard or an external halyard flagpole. The internal halyard flagpole is a great choice if you want a clean look and are worried about people tampering with the halyard. But when installed in an area with high winds, the external halyard flagpole does a better job of counter balancing your flag so that it flies more smoothly.

Vertical Wall Mount and Outrigger Flagpoles: If you will be installing your flag on a wall you will need to decide whether or not a vertical wall mount or an outrigger flagpole will work best. The outrigger is typically used when the flag is mounted well beneath the roofline. The vertical wall mount is used when the flag will be flying above the roofline. With either type of wall-mounted flagpole, you will need to make sure that it is properly secured to the wall.

Commercial In-Ground Flag Poles: In-ground commercial flagpoles are usually taller and better built than residential flagpoles. They are also subject to building codes and must be installed properly.

Materials: Depending on the location and conditions, we can help you decide if you want a fiberglass flagpole or an aluminum flag pole.

Commercial Flag Pole Manufacturers: