Custom Glass Dry Erase Boards

Whether your space needs a free-standing glass writing surface on wheels or a custom-designed tempered, colored glass magnetic panel we can help you select a beautiful and durable marker board solution.



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Since cavemen wrote on cave walls, man has understood the need for large-scale, collaborative writing surfaces. We’ve use whiteboards, chalkboards, and their predecessors for problem-solving, tracking, and planning in team environments for centuries. But today’s glass dry erase marker boards offer so much more than the whiteboards of a generation ago.

Tempered glass writing surfaces from Clarus provide more than a place to sketch out your ideas in marker. Because every Clarus glass marker board is made to order by fabrication experts in the USA, these writing surfaces can also function as sophisticated, beautiful design elements to add color and branding to your space. Their wheeled line of marker boards can even help define a flexible space by doubling as room dividers.

Glass Dry Erase Boards by Clarus Feature:

  • Non-staining, never ghosting writing surface.
  • 1/4 inch tempered safety glass, 400% stronger than normal glass.
  • Enduring quality that will last the lifespan of your wall, rather than needing to be replaced every few years like a traditional whiteboard.
  • Fully custom design with hundreds of stock and custom color options.
  • Custom shapes.
  • Sizes up to 72″ x 144″.

What Can I Do with a Custom Printed Glass Board?

Because Clarus boards can be custom printed to include designs, logos and guides behind the tempered glass, they can take your space to a new level of form and function. 

Some ideas for custom printing:

  • Define your reception area with your corporate logo printed into a large, colorful glass panel.
  • Offer a sleek way to preview the daily specials in a restaurant with a glass board printed with your logo and space for writing.
  • Create a simple to maintain leader board with printed columns, rows, and headings.
  • Keep your meetings on point with a printed corporate motto or vision statement.
  • Customize your board for the work it does by printing it with web design screen templates, marketing channels, a map of your sales territories, or anything your team discusses or tracks repeatedly.

Why Use a Free Standing Glass Marker Board?

Clarus Glassboards’ line of go! Mobile glassboards are so much more than writing spaces. Custom frame and glass colors not only help decorate a space, but connecting hardware helps you to define it. Use multiple boards to create separate working and collaborating spaces in any configuration you can dream up. 

The Clarus line of mobile writing surface features:

  • Tempered safety glass.
  • Non-staining, never ghosting surface.
  • 13 frame finishes.
  • Infinite color options.
  • Gang hardware for creating large surfaces and privacy areas.
  • Hub hardware options for unlimited configuration.
  • Nesting design for easy storage when not in use.
  • Three and four wheel options for each size.
  • Optional magnetic finish.

Why Use a Wall-Mounted Glass Marker Board?

A permanent glassboard is best in a dedicated meeting space. Because they come in limitless colors, custom shapes, and a huge array of sizes, these boards can be used for everything from making a statement to making your work easier. 

The Clarus line of wall-mounted boards feature:

  • 1/4″ tempered safety glass.
  • Non-staining writing surface that works with any marker, even permanent.
  • Concealed or designer mounting hardware.
  • 150 color options, plus unlimited color match options.
  • Custom logos, patterns, and artwork printing options.
  • Magnetic or non-magnetic finish.
  • Polished edges and smoothed corners for safety and beauty.

There’s no denying that glass is the new standard in visual writing systems and that Clarus leads the industry in quality and design. Cannon Sales is an authorized Clarus Glassboards dealer, so if you’re considering the sophisticated functionality that glass writing boards can offer, let us give you a free quote.

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