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Some people are surprised to learn that the quality of their screen is almost as important to their image as the quality of their projector. A low quality screen can reduce the viewing angle, make the image look fuzzy, and affect the color quality.

Besides looking for a high quality screen, you will also want to consider how it will be installed and any space limitations you might have. If you have any questions, give us a call. We have supplied projection screens for some of the most prominent buildings in Salt Lake City.

Types of Projection Screens

Electric Projection Screens

Electric or motorized projection screens come in several styles. The most common are wall mounted, ceiling recessed, ceiling mounted, and floor mounted. There are also several choices for controls—you can choose from a wireless remote control, built-in controller, external controller or even a video projector interface that lowers the screen when the projector is turned on.

Manual Projection Screens

Manual screens are a great way to get a high quality screen without having to pay for all the extra bells and whistles. They can easily be mounted to the wall or recessed into the ceiling.

Free-Hanging Projection Screens

These screens are kept flat by the weight of the screen and the dowel down at the bottom.

Tab-Tensioned Projection Screens

Tab-tensioned screens are held flat by a tab-tensioning system. These work well in situations where you require a higher quality image.

Rear Projection Screens

When you install a rear projection screen, the projector is installed behind the screen instead of in front. Rather than reflecting the image off the screen, it passes through the screen. The primary advantage of a rear projection screen is that you still get a bright and sharp image even when the lights are on.

Fixed Projection Screens

Fixed or wall mounted projection screens are permanently mounted. Because the screen is stretched taut, you get a flat viewing surface with a trim, finished appearance and picture perfect quality. They are ideal for large projection screens when theatre-like quality is required, but can also be used for smaller screens. Fixed projection screens are used for both front and rear projection screen installations.

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