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School Lockers

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Lockers are used in many commercial, public, educational, and athletic buildings. Whether you are looking for school lockers, gym lockers, employee lockers or storage lockers, design and durability are essential to the functionality of any kind of locker room. But functionality doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style. Lockers come in many types of styles, sizes, colors, and features to choose from.

Cannon Sales Inc has been providing and installing lockers in Utah for more than forty years and can help you find the right kind of style and material for your locker needs.

Metal vs. Plastic Lockers

Metal Lockers or Steel Lockers

Traditionally lockers have been made of metal. They look great and cost less than other options. They are also a great choice when you need extra security.

Solid Plastic Lockers

Although plastic lockers cost a bit more, you more than make up for it with what you save on maintenance. Plastic lockers are scratch resistant, rust free, impact and dent resistant, don’t absorb odors, graffiti resistant, and power washable. They are great for areas where moisture is a problem.

Locker Manufacturers:

Metal Lockers

Solid Plastic Lockers