What’s a Commercial Construction Specialty?

April 2, 2013
What’s a Commercial Construction Specialty?

In commercial facilities like office buildings, schools and hospitals, there are many fixtures that are installed toward the end of the construction process. These include things like toilet partitions, roof hatches, handrails, cluster mailboxes, bike racks, motorized window shades, lockers and more.

These items are generally referred to as “commercial construction products” or “architectural specialties” and they are manufactured by a wide variety companies, then sold through local resellers like Cannon Sales.

Because these items will see a great deal of hard use in a commercial facility, it’s critical they be of top quality and that they be selected to suit the unique requirements of the building and its visitors.

Cannon Sales has been serving the Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and Idaho commercial construction industry from our Centerville headquarters (just outside Salt Lake City) for over 45 years.

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