The Benefits of Centralized Mailbox Systems

March 2, 2013
The Benefits of Centralized Mailbox Systems

Far from a new invention, cluster mailboxes are a tried and true solution to a complex issue; high volume mail handling. Improved security is only one of many benefits property managers and corporations enjoy from centralized mail systems.

In condo and apartment complexes:

  • When located in a highly visible area, they are less likely to be the focus of vandalism and identity theft.
  • Easier (and faster) mail delivery for the mail carrier.
  • Cleaner look than mailboxes at each door.
  • They promote resident privacy by securing mail and reducing door-to-door traffic.

In corporate and commercial settings centralized mailboxes offer:

  • Easier company-wide distribution of materials and paperwork.
  • Reduced mail room costs.
  • Secure mail storage for sensitive information.

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